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No-nonsense blogging

Existing static blog generators are needlessly complex, so I created Bloggen. Instead of hosting a database on some far-away server, your blog posts are kept as ordinary "text" files (txt, md, doc, or html) in a single directory. Bloggen looks at these user-written files, intelligently composes a blog, and pushes it online.

Bloggen's development is currently suspended until I have some more free time.

Wirks Engine

New class of progressive books

Wirks Engine builds what I think an electronic book should be, and has an entirely new paradigm of knowledge exploration. As a user clicks through articles, related but more-complex articles appear, fostering a charter-style education.

As the user clicks through, analytics are captured and a teacher can see what their students actually enjoy learning the most.

Note: Wirks (no -Engine) refers to the content in my sample book. I had originally set out to create an interactive narrative about how things work, but the technology was too great to keep closed.

Newton Battery Tray

Keeping the Newton alive

The Apple Newton Messagepad 2000/2100 is a great machine; I love mine. But when the battery tray broke, I wasn't going to pay $95 for a new one. So, I loaded up Autodesk Inventor and made a new part, which can be printed on a rapid prototype machine (3D printer).

This project received positive attention in the Newton-sphere, and I still get emails about it.

Siri Rotary Phone


Siri rotary phone dial

When I bought my iPhone 4S, it came with Siri: a voice-activated virtual assistant. I had the clever idea to put a bluetooth headset in a rotary phone, and dial -0- to activate "her".

This post got massive coverage, bringing in over 30,000 visits to my blog. It was covered by CNET, Discovery Online, Business Insider, Wired, Hackaday, and many others. Like I said, massive coverage.


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